Crochet Book Alert! Make your favorite characters from the Peanuts gang!

My friend Kristen from Schmancy has a new crochet book and kit out! Peanuts Crochet (affiliate link)! She asked if I wanted to throw my crochet hat in, and I said sure! You’ll find patterns by me in the book for Charlie …
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Pinky Sulky Star Gazers & Girl Glue, from Mel Stringer

Mel Stringer is a super amazing artist, and I kind of just want to BE every girl that she draws. She kindly sent me a pair of her Pinky Sulky Star Gazer earrings! I for serious have not worn earrings in 8 …
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Voting is now open for the 1st Quarter Crochet Awards!

All the fave crochet apparel designs nominated by the judges and YOU are now available for voting!! Click here to check out all the noms and cast your votes!